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Olive Oils

Koroneiki EVOO, Chile
Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chile This award winning Koroneiki EVOO is herbaceous and grassy with notes of green banana, green apple, and herb. Very complex and delightfully pungent.

Arbequina EVOO, Spain
Arbequina EVOO, Chile This delicate Arbequina displays initial ripe fruity notes of olive, followed by a savory almond center & a slight pepper finish.

Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil
Blood Orange Fused Olive OilAs the Blood Oranges and Tunisian olives ripen, they are pressed together to form this beautiful (agrumato) or combination of whole, fresh citrus fruits crushed with olives.


Traditional 18-Year Balsamic Vinegar
Traditional 18-Year Balsamic VinegarOur finest grade of aged balsamic condimento from Modena, Italy is produced in the Traditional Style. It is aged using the Solera System for up to 18 years in chestnut, oak, mulberry and ash barrels.

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar
Raspberry Balsamic VinegarThis thick, rich, perfectly balanced Balsamic Vinegar, oozes with the natural flavor of fresh, ripe raspberries. Both sweet and tart, it's perfect tossed with mixed salad greens and a little feta cheese.

Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Vinegar
Sicilian Lemon Balsamic VinegarPlayfully tart and pleasantly sweet, our Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic has a perfectly balance acidity and a crisp, lemon flavor and aroma. Fabulous with seafood, in dressings or in mixed drinks.

Gift Ideas

Love for Basil Set
Love for Basil Set For the basil lover in all of us – this set includes a package of gluten-free Papparadelle pasta, a 200ml bottle of our Basil Olive Oil, a jar of Bella Cucina Basil Pesto and a self-closing pour spout.

Pairing Gift Set
Pairing Gift Set by VinolioThis gift set include, one each, of our UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar (200ml). Choose your own combination or let us suggest a perfect pairing. Set comes ready to gift in our wooden Vinolio box.

Sea Salts

Infused Sea Salt Sampler
Infused Sea Salt SamplerThe Infused Sea Salt Sampler is as follows: Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sea Salt - Natural Sea Salt, natural bacon, natural chipotle pepper and naturally smoked over Alderwood creates one of the finest sea salts in the world!

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Himalayan Pink Sea SaltThis natural salt is mined at altitudes of over 10,000 feet in the Himalayan mountains. Formed millions of years ago as the inland sea evaporated, this salt has a distinctive taste due to its unique mineral content.

Garlic Medley Sea Salt
Garlic Medley Sea SaltThe combination of natural sea salt and garlic blended with dehydrated bell pepper, black pepper, onion, sugar, celery and parsley creates this amazing flavorful experience. Use for cooking, rubs, and toppings on meats, potatoes, pasta or vegetables.


Irish Whiskey Steaks
Irish Whiskey Steaks RecipeTry delicious Irish Whiskey Steaks, made with any of our Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oils and our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

Cheese Crostini with Fig
Cheese Crostini with Fig RecipeThis light and tasty appetizer is made with Vinolio Fig Balsamic Vinegar. Melts in your mouth!


Crispy Oven Style Potato Pancakes
Crispy Oven Style Potato Pancakes RecipeStart your day with a smell of crispy potato pancakes!



Raspberry Glazed Chicken
Crispy Oven Style Potato Pancakes RecipeBright and exciting flavors brought out in the glazing using Raspberry Preserves, Chipotle Infused Olive Oil and Tuscan Herb Olive Oil.